As a company we recognise our environmental responsibilities and are committed to enhancing our sustainable development.

We aim to make a positive integration with the environmental impacts of our operations and recognise that we have responsibilities to both limit damage and to enhance the environment.

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Kearns’s and Co environment commitment can be outlined by
aiming to meet the following goals:

Prevent pollution and reduce any adverse impact of our operations on the environment.


Comply with all relevant legislation, codes of practice and guidance relevant to our industry sector.


Minimise any deleterious impacts on the environment, and where possible to seek environmental enhancements.


Demonstrate efficiency in the use of energy, water and materials, and where appropriate take opportunities to minimise their use.


Enhance the awareness of the relevant issues among colleagues, customers and suppliers through training and communication.


Work in partnership to ensure effective environmental supply chain management and to promote sustainable sourcing of products and materials.

Image © Kearns&Co 2015


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